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Day something or other. Hey! It’s Friday!

Fridays make me happy. 😀
Especially when we had Monday off. Of course, that just means my paycheck is gonna suck next week.

I so need a 3rd job so I can bring in more money. 2nd job sucks too. Well, I like doing it but it DOES NOT pay enough.

So the boss man said I had to leave earlier in the morning because I was getting to the JH too late. So I started leaving 6 minutes earlier and now I get there so early I get to be a shuttle bus, and take all the 8th graders over to the high school. Which means I’m hanging around for like 20 minutes with a bunch of 14 year olds.

I, like, SO turn into a 14 year old when I’m hanging out with them for 20 minutes. Gah!

Well hell, it keeps me young.

Not much happening. Unless I start telling you about Michael (a 2nd grader) spitting on other kids, or Blayne throwing a paper plane, or a jacket that went flying out the window at 55MPH.

Now THAT was a tiny bit scary, cuz when I saw those two sleeves of the nylon jacket hanging out the window right behind me, I thought it was a kid falling out of my window. Gad!

Very quickly I realized it was a jacket but my heart was pounding like crazy. Then it goes all the way out the window and gets hung up on my stop sign, and I,m thinking …

Holy crap! Where can I pull over to get that jacket off my stop sign?

But…it falls off by itself and I just kept going. The dump truck behind me was probably thinking Aw geez that crazy bus driver is losing a student out the window. Oh no. Just a jacket. Wait she’s not going to stop and get it? Nope? Well then, neither am I.

I am hoping for a nice quiet afternoon.

Pray for me please.