All of this happened in just a few minutes…

Let me tell you about my morning… So first of all I wake up about 7 minutes later than I wanted to. (you need to read this really fast because this is how I was feeling while this was going one :-))  No problem, I get up, get dressed, go out to the kitchen, make some coffee, go out to my van to start it, so it can warm up and my windshield can defrost because it was really cold this morning. Now I usually roll one of my windows down because my van will sometimes lock itself when I walk away from it. (automatic locks), but my windows were frozen closed and wouldn’t open, so I was like…oh, it’ll be ok… and shut the door and go inside. I take the dogs out, come back in, make a cup of coffee, grab my purse, go outside to leave for work, and “shit!” my car LOCKED ITSELF! Again! And of course I can’t get back into the house because I locked the doors on the way out. Now, I don’t want to just knock on the door because the dogs will go ballistic, and wake the whole house up with the maniacal barking, so I grab my phone to call the hubby to come unlock the door, and drop my phone, “NO!”, it hits the ground and the back pops off and the battery falls out. Grr, so I pick it up put it back together and turn it back on, and like a dummy I stand there waiting for my phone to boot back up so I can call the hubby, but it’s taking forever, so I finally walk around to the other side of the house and start tapping on the window of my bedroom with a stage whisper…”Gary, wake up, it’s your wife Michele. I need you to get up and come unlock the door, and let me in, because I’m locked out of the car and the house”. I hear him grumble …hmrrmhmh. Ok, so now my phone is up and running, so I call work and tell them I’m locked out of my car and the house but I’ve got it taken care of and I’ll be there in a few minutes and can they please send someone out to start bus (because otherwise I’d have to drive up to the building, get my key and drive back down, park my van THEN walk to my bus…this will save me about 3-4 minutes) They say yes. So then my hubby comes out, let’s me in, I go inside get his car keys, go out, unlock my van, go back in put his keys back, go back out, locking the doors as I go.  Wait! It’s not over yet…keep reading…

So now I’ drive the exactly 1 mile to work going about 60mph. The speed limit is 55, so don’t be calling in on me. Park my van, and I can see my bus is started, but the hood is open, and I’m thinking…”are they pre-tripping my bus?” I look around (paying attention to the fact that the engine is in there and running and hasn’t fallen out or anything) walk over to the door of the bus and see the Very new guy who’s a bit of a nervous nelly, standing by the steering wheel going through my folders, so I say… (I swear I didn’t mean to scare the shit outta this guy,…I thought I gave him a heart attack) DUANE! and he jumps in the air, completing a 180 turn and yelps, “is this your bus?” (I think he’s kinda scared of me, I don’t know why, I swear) I say, “yes,… thank you for starting it”, then I get on the bus, he says ” I checked your oil” I say ” ok,… thank you. Was it ok?” he says “do you want me to close the hood?” I say (thinking myself…he didn’t answer my question) “Yes, thank you”. He closes the hood and then just disappears. So I did the fastest pre-trip ever and leave on my route.

Well to make a long story short (LOL!) I was only 5 minutes late leaving the bus lot, but somehow managed to get to the Junior High right on time, and still managed to be shuttle bus #2.  You have to realize that I am a shuttle bus every day! It’s supposed to be the first 5 buses that get there are supposed to be a shuttle and take the 8th graders over to the high school, and SOMEHOW, even though I was 5 minutes late I was still a shuttle and number two on top of that.

So that’s my story, short and sweet, if I do say so myself.

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