Diary of a school bus driver. Day…? IDK, it’s October 24th

So my kids were eerily quiet this morning. All of them. Even the little ones. Last Thursday the bosses put a State Trooper on my bus for a ride along. Made MY day…Not! The kids (The little ones) were not very well behaved and I told them I was very disappointed in their behavior. Then on Friday, I brought in candy to pass out at the end of the day. I told my JH kids that they better not leave ANY GARBAGE on my bus or I would never give them candy again. They were very good. They policed the crap out of each other.Awesome!
They ate it all before we left school and cleaned up their mess. The LITTLE kids? They didn’t even get one piece. I was going to give them theirs when they each got off the bus. For one, because I did not trust them, to not leave garbage all over the bus, and 2? Because I knew they would eat it while I was driving down the road which is dangerous. But, they were not behaving themselves. Every time I looked in the mirror someone was out in the aisle, someone else was throwing stuff (broken pencils, crayons, paper, toys), they were yelling and screaming, wrestling, etc. So, I stopped the bus, turned the light on, which signals silence, which mostly works, and told them that I had brought candy to give them, but they were not behaving, and they were NOT getting any candy. I proceeded to tell them that I gave the big kids candy, because they were being good. Quite a few of them got off the bus and went straight into their mommy’s arms and I could tell that they were telling them how mean I was. I just waved and went on about my business.
I wonder if the exceptional behavior today was in the hopes that they would get that candy?
Hey, whatever works. 🙂

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