diary of a school bus driver day 20..conversations

7:09 am

Shuttle one is in place..

Shuttle 2 is in place…(this is me btw)

so is shuttle 3..
and shuttle four…

So is shuttle 5 or am I 4?

Bus 25 – 45 are you shuttle 4 or 5?

I’m not sure… I can’t see how many buses are up there.

Well I need to know so I know whether to be a shuttle or not…

Me – I’m the 2nd shuttle and bus 8 is behind me. Are you behind her?


Base – Bus 45 they are asking if you’re behind bus 8.

*something unintelligible*

*something else unintelligible*…

followed by a whole lotta nothing.

Bus 34 – I just went by and there are 5 buses lined up, so you all are good.

By this time I am getting frustrated. People need to Speak. Clearly.


Now I already have eight 8th graders on my bus so I know I can fit 40 more kids on my bus to take over to the other school.

Me – Bus 30 please tell me when you’re full.

Bus 30.

*Ugh nevermind.*

Kids start getting on my bus so I just have to assume he’s full. So I start counting kids. I get to aqbout 30 and the kids on the sidewalk decide I’m full, I didn’t tell them I was full, they just decided.

So I step off my bus and holler>>

hey! I can fit about 10 more kids on this bus.


So more kids come back to get on my bus and for some strange reason I’m overfull. Wth?

Just sit down somewhere.


So we go to the other school and while they’re getting off the bus I count them. Sure enough there are exactly 48 kids on my bus. I must have passed through some weird time/space thingie because they were sitting 3 to a seat. OR>>>SOMEONE was just hogging their seats.

I am going to try really hard to not get frustrated with people. Everyone’s talking to each other on the radios and nobody answers. It drives me nuts!

*just let it go M*

just let it go

I am so over it now!


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