Diary of a school bus driver Day 18


We pick up at the junior high and then head over to the high school to pick up the 8th graders. No high schoolers because of the levy issues.

Anyway The bell rings and the kids start streaming out of the school. Grades 5-7. They move pretty quick, but there are always stragglers, who like to stand around and chat their friends up. I give them til about 2:12, then I start my engine laughing maniacally because it’s fun to watch the kids scatter off the sidewalk like roaches when the lights come on. They are afraid to get left behind.

Now we head over to the high school. Same parking lot different school, just a hop, skip, and a jump.

We park in our specified spots and wait…and wait. The bell rings and nobody comes out. Then after about 5 minutes they start trickling out the doors.  I guess they think we have all day. But they don’t seem to understand that we (the drivers) are on a time schedule and have to be at another school once we get done dropping them off. I talked to my boss because the kids would come out and start ducking between the buses when we’re trying to leave. So the principal ( I am really starting to like this guy) started calling out on the radio for the drivers to start their engines, close their doors and LEAVE!


The kids are strolling to the buses, and we’re leaving them behind on the sidewalk. How else will they learn that they need to come straight to the bus not wander around in the school for 5 minutes, THEN decide to come out and wander around and chat with their friends,  and THEN decide to get on the bus.  Yesterday, I left one of my students on the sidewalk. I had to STOP my bus and put my brake back on for 2 girls who were late… C never got on… the principal is telling us to leave… so I left.

The kids on the bus are yelling…

Miss M! –  C is back there on the sidewalk!

I told them, –  but he’s not on the bus where he belongs. If he wants a ride, then he’ll come out and get on the bus.

I know, you may think this is mean but how else are they going to learn?  At this point, it is taking them OVER 7 minutes to come out and get on the bus. It should be closer to 3-4.

Needless to say he was not happy this morning, but he’s going to be even more unhappy if he doesn’t move his backside and get outside and GET ON THE BUS…ON TIME!!!

Mean busdriver.

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