Diary of a school bus driver Day 13…Knock on wood to prevent bad luck..

Rather uneventful day so far. Except for the fact that I actually left ON TIME this morning. Been trying to do that but there’s always something conspiring against me. My cell phone not working, (it’s my timepiece) or the fog, or the torrential downpours, or me just getting out of bed late, or me leaving me cell phone at home and turning around to go get it. (I only live 2 minutes from work).

Overall is was a good morning. I wrote up 3 kids this morning on the 4-step write ups. Two of them I talked to (per the 1st step) the 3rd one I sent a letter home to his parents (per the 2nd step) But I already spoke to his mom this morning, because she actually came out to the bus to talk to me to tell me that he was going to daycare in the morning and he would start riding home in the afternoons.
I guess they don’t believe me when I tell them that I’m going to write them up. You absolutely cannot issue empty threats. If I tell them I’m going to do it, and they still ignore me then I write them up and let their parents deal with it. If that doesn’t work the next step is the principal. They don’t make these laws for no reason. They are safety issues. They are all in place to keep those goofy kids safe.

On another note I have this group of kids who are the very last ones off the bus in the afternoon, and when the kids get off the bus before them they all run to the front of the bus and start singing

everyone’s off the bus ( to the tune of “another one bites the dust by Queen)
everyone’s off the bus…..but us…but us.
Then one of them will interject here (everybody sing it with me)
everyone’s off the bus
everyone’s off the bus…..but us…but us.
everyone’s off the bus
everyone’s off the bus…..but us…but us

It makes me giggle.

At least my day ends on a happy note. Everyday.

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