Diary of a school bus driver. Day… … uh … don’t 11? maybe?

Anyway…Fog, rain, sunshine in my eyeball. Kids supposedly flipping each other off. Except they call it “flicking” each other off”. I don’t get this one. Kids these day huh? 🙂 Ok, that means I’m getting old or something doesn’t it. But I thought when you flicked  someone you were flicking them…you know FLICK! Ow! But when a kid says someone flicked them off they mean, well you know, the middle finger…OOOOOH.Whatever. I flick my friends off all the time. That’s what friends are for right?

But it’s Tuesday and I’m already ready for the weekend. I am just not into  this bus driving thing right now. What does that say about me? It’s only like, 4 weeks into the school year and I’m over it. Plus they take way too much outta my paycheck. I can’t afford to be a bus driver anymore. I need a REAL job.  I say this every year, and every year I just keep on driving.

Maybe I just need a nap. Maybe I should go buy something to drink that has a TON of caffeine in it! That way I can be way more hyper than the kids. Otherwise I may fall asleep and they wouldn’t like that. In fact I’m pretty sure they might fire me for falling asleep on the bus. Bummer, Cuz I’m really tired. Starbucks? Mountain Dew? Maybe both. That oughtta do it.

No kid stories today. Thank Goodness. It’s all about me. Just the way I like it. 😛

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