Diary of a school bus driver Day 4 … sort of…:-)

Technically today is Day 5 but I was super busy yesterday, between runs and didn’t have time to write. Yesterday was Friday, and I had about 3 write ups to do in the morning. I have three 6th grade boys who are making my life miserable on the bus.

Now I know that in the scheme of things, talking too loudly is really a small thing compared to the school buses in the city. They are dealing with some REALLY bad stuff, like fighting everyday, knives, drugs, guns. But I don’t live in the city and I like it that way. I live in the country and the stuff I generally have to deal with is kids being really loud and obnoxious. So I wrote up these 3 boys. Two are twins, really cute kids, but wild. And the other lives down the street from the first two. Talked to their parents at the bus stops on the way to school in the morning. Hopefully ruined their weekends, (not kidding, I really do hope I ruined their weekends) *evil grin*. They ruin my everyday.

I also had to drive my two eldest sons to their jobs. One works 13 miles from home in one direction and the other works 9 miles in the opposite direction, and “The Beast” (my Dodge Ram van) only gets about 12 miles to the gallon. ugh. But you do what you have to do, especially for family.
One of the teachers, who puts my little kids on the bus (k-2) puts the last kid on, then looks at me and screams;
and I was like …
Wow! You’re a WOO Girl! I love that! Have a great weekend. 🙂

Now…I’m constantly trying to keep the kids from screaming on the bus and this teacher is screaming at me while she’s putting kids ON my bus.

Ironic huh?

Saturday morning and I woke up to daylight. I always have this feeling that I’ve overslept for work because I’m usually up and running long before the sun is.

Today? No driving if I can help it.

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