Diary of a school bus driver – day 2

So this morning I leave 1 minute late. Grrr. I hate it when that happens. Apparently the volume on my cell phone was turned down, and I didn’t hear the alarm go off telling me to “go drive your school bus!”. I get to that second stop, remember the telephone pole humping from yesterday? Talked to those kids.

Me: We need to talk.

Them: ok

Me: Please do not hump the telephone pole after I’ve driven away.

12 yr ok: Ok. I’m sorry

14 yr old: I’ve only done that once, because K was sad and I wanted to make him laugh.

Me: oh, well ok, but don’t do it any more

14 yr old: actually it was kind of uncomfortable. There are NAILS IN THAT POLE!

me: yikes! All the more reason to NOT do it.

My question is…humping a telephone pole would make K not sad anymore? Really? Well I guess it DID make me smile.

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