Diary of a school bus driver; Day 1

I drive a school bus, in a fairly large school district. Approximately 96 square miles. Our district is in fiscal emergency, and this could possibly affect my job, but I’m not too worried about it. After all it’s a state law for us to transport K-8. I’m more worried about the fact that we haven’t paid our property taxes as it is, and can’t really afford a tax increase. But I think I will vote for the Levy anyway. My husband will have a cow if he reads that! I drive students that are grades 5-8 in the early morning and K-4 on my second run. Driving a school bus is like playing Whack-A-Mole at 55mph. D! D!!! Get out of the aisle! …M sit down please…. What O? …S  hit me…. S stop hitting O! … but he spit on me. … OMG she mutters to herself…No Spitting on the schoolbus!…E! Turn around and sit down properly!

Now Sitting down properly on a school bus is – Seat on seat, back against back and feet on the floor if they reach. Because our school buses do not have seat belts the children have to be seated properly. This keeps them safe.Padded seat covers keeps them from getting hurt.

E – But Miss M! I Love you!…

Me – Love you too, now turn around and sit down.

This morning I get called into the office.

Base to bus 65. 

65, go ahead….

Can you come in and “See Me” before you leave this morning?

This is the infamous “See Me”, that we all dread. It’s like getting called into the office when you’re a kid at school.

“oooh … M got called to the offiiice” .

It was just about a boy who’s been hitting the other students, and by hitting, I mean charlie horses, a few bent fingers and such. I don’t feel like this is bullying, I see it more like he just plays rough. But he needs to quit! So I wrote him up on our 4-step write up form. The first time we write them up it’s just a conversation between the driver and the student. The next time is a letter home to the parents. Then after that the principal is involved. Unless they’ve done something really bad then it’s a traditional write-up that goes directly to the principal.

So I wrote this kid up about the hitting and because he’s ALWAYS in the aisle and as fast as I tell him to “get out of the aisle!” he’s right back out there again. I talked to him about his behavior and the little booger head was right back out in the aisle again. So I went straight to the 2nd step and sent a letter home to his mommy. We’ll see if that helps. hmmph.

Because today was a regularly scheduled 90 minute delay I didn’t get home from my morning run until about 11am. I’m usually home about 9:30. Started Blogging and now I’m am going to workout to my Brazil Butt workout dvd. I totally want a Brazil Butt. I need to lose a ton of weight also but… *snerk* I am going to get that BUTT. My husband will thank me. You’ll see.

1st blog, then workout, finally a shower and back to the school bus…yay.

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