Diary of a school bus driver day 1 part 2…the pm route.

Everything started out ok. Didn’t get a chance to workout before going to work but I DID get to take a shower. This made me happy.
So… we pick up the JH kids. That’s grade 5-7. Then we head over to the HS to pick up the 8th graders. (We don’t transport HS students. Levy issues.)
There were a few kids who I had written up or at least started the write-up process and I talked to them about it, and sent them to their seats.
If I don’t make them stay in their seats there’s always someone pounding on someone else (usually playing, nothing serious, but still…) and I can’t get to them, to make them quit, because there are kids milling around on the bus. Oh! They’re milling because we have to wait at the HS for about 10 minutes. *sigh*
So anyway, we’re getting ready to pull away. The principals and teachers are talking to each other on their radios making sure the coast is clear. The answer is apparently yes, because the buses start their engines and start pulling away. Just as I’m about to start my engine Jonah walks up and gets on my bus.
I’m like… Aaah! Sheesh Jonah. I almost left w/o you.
And he’s like… I would have just run after you.
OMG. Are you serious? NO RUNNING AFTER THE BUS! I do not want to run over a student. Again with the sheesh!
Let’s put this in perspective. We are lined up in 2 rows in the circle in front of the HS. I’m in the left row which is farthest from the school. In a blind spot so to speak. Which means the teachers couldn’t see him because he was walking between the buses.
Ok, so now we’re driving. It takes me 10 minutes to get to my first drop. The kids are being deceptively well behaved. I get to that stop and drop her off. Go down the block to drop Jonah (8th gr) and his little brother (6th gr) at their stop. They cross to the left, then I turn to the right. I start my turn and I see Jonah’s little brother walk over to the telephone pole. I’d seen Jonah doing this before but could never see what he was doing. But I could gander a guess. Little brother is humping the telephone pole. I can see him in my mirror. I’m like…wha? I look to see how the other kids are reacting because normally this would have started a ruckus. But there’s little to no reaction at all.
*now I’m confused because this is REALLY unusual*
Just some quiet smiles. I try not to let them see my grin, because although I know this is inappropriate behavior it’s still kinda funny. If they see me smile my authority is shot.
Sooo…I just keep on driving. Go on to my next stop. And the next and the next.

Would you have smiled? How would you have reacted? Would you call their mom and tell her about said humping? I mean my bus has pulled away from the scene. Technically it’s no longer my business.

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